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Intermedical Co.,Ltd.

Date of Incorpolation
April 9,1984
Trading and Dealing of Medical equipment.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Yasutaka Ohara
Head Office
Yushima Building 3F , 2-27-2 Yushima Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo, 113-0034 , Japan
Ibaraki Ware House
3-19-5 Kinu no Sato, Uchi Moriya-Machi, Zyousou-si, Ibaraki Ken 303-0046, Japan [MAP]

About Inter medical

Inter medical buys and sells used and new Medical Equipments. We specialize in Ultrasound, CT/MRI, Endoscope and many other kinds of equipment including ECG Machines, Physiotherapy Machines. We find quality equipment to buy that specifically match your requirements and sell equipments that may be surplus to your current operation. Whether selling or buying, we can assist with all of your used medical equipment needs. We purchase second-hand equipments from hospitals mainly in Japan and refurbish them to bring them back to the market.

Our staff is in constant contact with hospitals across the Japan and internationally concerning any machines they may be looking to sell. We help establish a fair market value along with providing a market analysis indicating how many similar machines are currently available.

For Medical colleges, Nursing homes and Hospitals, we provide the availability of machinery that meets their needs and the current asking price.

Inter medical has exporter and dealer contacts in JAPAN. We are able to align your requirements with perfectly matched equipment.

And remember us...
Whether you are buying or reselling, we offer you the broadest exposure for all of your medical equipment needs.